Security against today’s threats with tomorrow’s technology

Using Existing Infrastructure

CyVolve is the only system that repurposes all existing client infrastructure and provides dramatically elevated levels of control and security.

True Cross-Domain Security

CyVolve works across all other platforms; to date, CyVolve has been integrated into networks, applications, databases, legacy systems and hardware components.

Security of The Future

CyVolve isn’t just the evolution of cybersecurity, it’s constant improvement, it’s continuous learning and adaptation, it’s the future of security

Cybercrime Costs Keeps on Rising. Why?


Standalone products that perform limited functions

Requiring significant manual talent/expertise to manage.


Worldwide shortage of cybersecurity specialists

3 million and growing.


Security 'Sprawl' Not Sustainable

‘More products’ is not the answer.

What’s needed is a new paradigm and higher quality solutions that include significant automation and behavioral analytics.

CyVolve is that new paradigm.

Cybersecurity for Next Generation Attacks

CyVolve is the future of cybersecurity. We provide forward-thinking and constantly improving security solutions for organizations with our patented CyOS system, so that while your data is constantly secured and under their total control, you can focus on the things that really matter for your company.

Because CyVolve is fully certified, CyVolve immediately ensures that all protected data meets over 2300 individual NIST, ISO and FedRAMP controls without additional costs to the organization.


Annual Ransomware Damage Costs by 2019


Increase in Ransomware Attacks in 2019 Q1 vs 2018


Identified Ransomware Variants on Dark Web


Ransomware Attacks on Shadow IT Resources/Data

More Reasons to Choose CyVolve


Designed to Integrate with Multiple Products

Endpoints, cloud service providers, database systems, or even IoT devices such as hospital equipment or medical devices


Meet Compliance Requirements

Helping to meet new GDPR or compliance standards, including database systems


Future-Proof Technologies

Ongoing addition of new technologies such as Quantum and Homomorphic encryption


Zero-Knowledge System

CyVolve never has access to your data, and makes your data impenetrable to any other host


Platform Flexibility & Extensibility

OS X, Windows, UNIX, Virtual and Thin Client


Complimentary Technologies

Enhances or replaces numerous existing security products; saving time and money

Control at ALL times – right people, right place, right time

How Does CyVolve Compare


Other Providers

Are you sure that only you can access your data wherever it is stored?

Many “trusted” platforms offer security for your data when it is stored. However, this security is left at the front door and no longer protects your data at rest – wherever this may be. CyVolve mathematically guarantees that your data will always be protected and does not rely on perimeter protection, as the security is part of the data itself and can only ever be decrypted by the user.

Can you confidently control who can access your files at any time?

Each encrypted file is in essence its own file system, with its own permissions and security. These files will always remain impenetrable unless you have expressly granted permission to another person to specifically view that file.

Do your staff need to engage with IT support when they need to share something new?

The user has the power to seamlessly manage users and data without having to rely on IT staff. CyVolve makes collaborating with multiple parties outside the organization as simple and secure as collaborating with those inside the organization.

Are you confident information being sent complies with GDPR?

CyVolve delivers a tamper-proof audit for all activity on the system. As a direct result of the security, all data within the CyVolve ecosystem will be inherently compliant with any regulator standards.

Are you able to see what has happened with the information that has been shared?

CyVolve’s intuitive data reporting interface provides a tamper-proof audit trail to quickly view how each user is accessing and utilizing files, including external users who have access.

Secure your data into the future with CyOS

Stay in Control of your Data: Classified, Secured, and Controlled at all times for years to come.