Dark Data Security

Catalog, categorize and secure dark data

The known risk is only the tip of the Iceberg. Far beyond an IT risk, cybersecurity is a major business and financial risk if unknown “dark data” is not located and secured.

Browser Data Security

Data is fully secured from browser to database servers and beyond

Using the CyVolve Smart Data Web browser API, the web portal application can secure all sensitive fields and uploaded files, converting them into CyVolve Smart Data.

Cloud-Hosted Systems

Securing Data on a Cloud-Hosted System

High-speed access to data provides opportunity and efficiency, but creates additional risk as attackers can use this capacity to exfiltrate large quantities of data in a short period of time. To restrict the rate sensitive data can be accessed, classifications can be configured to track and enforce limits to encryption keys.

Web-Based Applications

Protecting Data Inside Web-Based Applications

Data stored in documents is visible in its plain text form to administrators of the Application Network while it is being edited, as well as when it is stored. CyVolve technology enhances the standard security of web-based applications ensuring data can be secured, tracked, audited and revoked at any time.

Hybrid Applications

Securing confidential personal information in MS Dynamics

Integrated directly in to the heart of Dynamics, CyVolve ensures all designated confidential data fields and forms are secure and fully auditable. Data is further protected with the addition of multi-factor authentication including device and geolocation tokens.

IoT Security

Protection for all end-points, including BYOD and IoT

Security is strengthened and efficiency increased with CyVolve Active Trust Technology (ATT) by building a trusted network of IoT devices, operating through the same protocols so no IT infrastructure changes are needed.

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™