The challenges

The primary challenge facing media and entertainment firms today is the collection of vast amounts of data. It’s under threat from external and internal threats, but needs to be distributed securely.

Complicated production

Complicated infrastructures need a simple and comprehensive approach to cyber security. Common cyber incidents include viruses, phishing schemes, and data breaches, all of which can be exacerbated when organisations underestimate cyber risks and don’t invest in quality, up-to-date data protection measures.

Secure distribution

The industry is not just vulnerable in the production phase of its work but during digital distribution too. With the growth of streaming on-demand movie services, and cloud-based access to all sorts of news and entertainment, access controls and rights management in the media and entertainment industry is changing dramatically. Companies have more data and financial information about consumers than ever before.

Internal leaks

In the media business, protecting from outside threats is vitally important. But the internal threat is great too. There is potential money to be made by internal espionage. Those on the inside with access can cause harm too. The industry needs secure ways of auditing and tracking internal actions. By limiting and monitoring access internal, the chances of misuse of data are diminished.

The Solution

We pride ourselves on delivering a flexible and bespoke solution for all our clients. An assessment of your business architecture by CyVolve’s team of experts will determine your immediate needs (email, data sets, applications, etc.) to promptly classify & secure your data. This will allow for a more comprehensive installation of CyVolve’s Data Management Operating System (CyOS™) at the kernel level on-premise as well as in browser for cloud application usage.

The reality of the media industry results in firms often having an overwhelming amount of data. We can help you deal with a complicated system simply. CyVolve CyOS™ is platform-agnostic and can secure data across any environment, meaning it doesn’t matter whether it’s anything from a video to a script in any system, CyVolve will encrypt and protect the data. Even if your physical perimeter is breached and data is retrieved by the hackers (internal or external), the data is 100% encrypted and only accessible with the data owner’s keys.

Activity Monitoring

The Behavioural Analytics Module monitors data usage in real-time

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is implemented using neural networks to create a learning machine that can ‘intelligently’ derive actions from feedback gained from past histories of successes or failures. When detecting an anomaly, AI can investigate the access pattern directly, very much like human intervention would.

This automated process will only contact a human manager when a suspicion threshold is met – ensuring access to data is not interrupted for legitimate use.

The results

CyVolve protects you and your firm’s reputation by securing data both internally and externally. Whether it is protection of data in the production phase, the secure distribution of media, or the internal security of your system, CyVolve can help at every stage.

There is no change management initiative needed as your workflows are not impacted, and minimal training is required for your employees. CyVolve gives the leadership team the business intelligence they need at their fingertips, so they can make decision that mitigate risk, and ensure security through every aspect of the media industry.

Don’t get boxed in with your cyber security

Our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides; for complete control of their data across domains.