The Challenges

The insurance industry needs to understand that it is a prime target for cyber criminals. The information that insurance companies collect and keep on all kinds of people and business is very valuable to cyber criminals.

Vital and valuable data

A hack of an insurance company would give hackers all kinds of information that they could use to carry out further fraudulent attacks and havoc. With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, companies must demonstrate their ability to protect data while guaranteeing security and trust for their clients.

Close secure collaboration

The insurance industry does not work in a bubble – it has interactions with all kinds of different organizations. It needs a robust system in place to facilitate their work with other organizations and customers. Security that is not compromised during collaboration is key.

Securing reputation

Perhaps more than any other industry, the reputational damaged cause by suffering cyber security incidents could be immense for insurance companies. They are all about providing backup, security, and a solution in the face of disaster. Trust from customers and organizations is absolutely paramount.

The Solution

CyVolve can help insurance organizations improve their cyber security offering. The CyVolve team of experts will assess your business architecture and determine your immediate needs (email, data sets, applications, etc.) to promptly classify & secure your data.

This will allow for a more comprehensive installation of CyVolve’s Data Management Operating System (CyOS™) at the kernel level on-premise as well as in browser for cloud application usage. We create a tailored solution to fit each and every one of our clients.

The environment many insurance companies find themselves in is a complex one. Many have mainframes that host vast amounts of medical records, text notes, pictures, videos etc., while numerous operating systems that host current applications. CyVolve CyOS™ is platform-agnostic, meaning it can secure any of your data across multiple environments.

Even if your physical perimeter is breached and data is retrieved by the hackers (internal or external), the data is 100% encrypted and only accessible with the data owner’s keys.


CyVolve reverses the traditional model of Network and Operating System security

CyVolve puts all of the security around the data at file level. By securing the data at this level, CyVolve is able to provide pervasive and persistent data security wherever that data goes, even across domain boundaries – whilst maintaining full control of who is able to access the data.

The graphic demonstrates what happens when the CyVolve Ecosystem is deployed. Even if intruders were to breach the network defenses, the data would be useless as it remains fully encrypted even at rest.

The Results

CyVolve protects you and your firm’s reputation by securing data both internally and externally. We have inverted the cyber security model as we envelop the data into a security packet with multiple keys. Thoroughly tested and certified, there is little to no impact on both the endpoint and your network.

There is no change management initiative needed as the workflows are not impacted, and minimal training is required for your employees. Your leadership team will have the business intelligence at their fingertips. It is a solution that helps insurance companies mitigate their own cyber security risk, ensure a secure service to their customers, and helps maintain their reputation.

Don’t get boxed in with your cyber security

Our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides; for complete control of their data across domains.