The Challenges

The safe management, storage and sharing of that data is the key cyber security challenge that healthcare organisations face. They need to be able to keep data protected at all times. When the data needs to be shared, within the organisation or outside it with other health specialist partners, it needs to be done securely and safely.

Healthcare organisation’s data is stored in multiple legacy systems. Consolidating data in one system that ensure compliance and security is a huge challenge.

Covid-19 has increased the demand for digital solutions. Speedy and secure solutions are required to deal with a pandemic.

Keeping operations on at all times. Downtime is not acceptable in the industry, and solution that keep operations always online or downtime to a minimum are required.

The Solution

CyVolve implements an innovative and simple approach to data security for organisations.  Through the implementation of our Data Management Operating System (CyOS™).

We tailor our solution based on organisations’ current architecture. We determine your immediate needs (i.e. email, data sets, applications etc.) to promptly classify and secure your data.

The environment many healthcare organisations find themselves in is a mixed bag.  Many have mainframes that host vast amounts of medical records with multiple operating systems of various ages hosting a variety of applications. CyVolve CyOS™ is platform-agnostic, meaning it can secure any of your data across any system or platform.

Even if your physical perimeter is breached and data is retrieved by the hackers (internal or external), the data is 100% encrypted and only accessible with the data owner’s keys.

The CyOS™ is built in such a way, that you have all the tools you need to always keep operations underway. Analysis and tracking help to root out threats quickly and early. And the system architecture has back-up and recovery covered. If things go wrong – it does not take long to boot up to a recent safe version of operations.

Data Lifecycle Example

Wherever the data goes, the protection travels with it

Typically, the only additional security layers are within a database, if one exists. However, in all cases that security stays within the domain even when the data leaves. This is felt most painfully when data is removed and can then be examined without restriction by hackers.

Tied to a multifactor Identity management system, all required security tokens can be applied. Once data has left the web browser, it is in the CyVolve Smart Data format and is inaccessible to all but the designated recipient.

The Results

CyVolve protects you and your institution’s reputation by securing data both internally and externally. We have healthcare clients where we installed the web portal, and then added the virtual drives due to the increased need for their remote workers. CyVolve meets all HIPAA and GDPR compliance guidelines.

There is no change management initiative needed as your workflows are not impacted, and minimal training is required for your employees. Your leadership team will have the business intelligence at their fingertips for the data usage by user and system. It’s a system that truly mitigates risks, and helps organisations tackle all the challenges asked of them today in cyber security.

Don’t get boxed in with your cyber security

Our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides; for complete control of their data across domains.