The challenges

The public sector and the numerous agencies, institutions, and departments that inhabit it collect a vast array of data – vital statistics on health, transportation, commerce, finance, agriculture and so much more. There is an abundance of sensitive information that needs top-quality security.

Protecting an array of data

There are hundreds of thousands of data sets across multiple agencies and departments. The challenge the public sector faces is not only securing this data within individual agencies, but ensuring its constant security when information is shared between government institutions.

Setting the tone

The public sector needs strong cyber security in order to set the right tone. They dictate regulations and standards for other industries to follow. They cannot do that effectively from a weak cyber security position.

Fighting ransomware

The public sector, especially local governments, have in the last few years been a common target for ransomware attacks because they deliver vital services. These attacks lock down system and demand a payment. The public sector needs the solutions to prevent ransomware, or at the least recover from it quickly.

The Solution

CyVolve’s team of experts assess organizations’ architecture and determine their immediate needs (email, data sets, applications, etc.) to promptly classify & secure their data. The set-up of each institution can be widely different – but the CyVolve system is flexible and adaptable to all kinds of infrastructure. Our analysis will allow for a more comprehensive installation of CyVolve’s Data Management Operating System (CyOS™) at the kernel level on-premise as well as in browser for cloud application usage.

The environment many government agencies find themselves in is a complex one with multiple operating systems which host vast amounts of diverse and sensitive records across disparate cyber environments. CyVolve CyOS™ is platform-agnostic, meaning it can secure any of your data across multiple environments, down to a fundamental level.

Even if your physical perimeter is breached and data is retrieved by the hackers (internal or external), the data is 100% encrypted and only accessible with the data owner’s keys.

CyOS System

CyVolve reverses the traditional model of Network and Operating System security

CyVolve puts all of the security around the data at file level. By securing the data at this level, CyVolve is able to provide pervasive and persistent data security wherever that data goes, even across domain boundaries – whilst maintaining full control of who is able to access the data.

The graphic demonstrates what happens when the CyVolve Ecosystem is deployed. Even if intruders were to breach the network defenses, the data would be useless as it remains fully encrypted even at rest.

The Result

CyVolve protects the government and its reputation of its agencies by securing data both internally and externally. We have government clients where we have installed the web portal, and then added the virtual drives to secure remote workers as well as geo-fencing providing a virtual barrier. There is no change management initiative needed as your workflows are not impacted, and minimal training is required for your employees. Your leadership team will have the business intelligence at their fingertips for the data usage by user and system. Finally, a solution that truly mitigates your risk!

Don’t get boxed in with your cyber security

Our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides; for complete control of their data across domains.