The challenges

Financial service industries are a natural target for cyber criminals. Hence, its large number of regulations. They also need to ensure access is tightly controlled and monitored for those with the industry. And finally – they need to prepare for the future.


The first cyber security challenge for financial service organisation to meet is compliance. They need to not only operate securely but be able to clearly demonstrate it.

Extended security

When firms onboard contractors and temporary workers, they may be handing over more than just a security badge. A greater focus will be on internal risk analysis, both to protect against nefarious behaviour and to identify workers who may have been unknowingly compromised.

Preparing for the future

According reports the U.S. financial institutions cyber security market is the largest and fastest growing private sector cyber security market, forecasted to exceed $68 Billion in 2020. The development of flexible and scalable solutions is a must.

The Solution

CyVovle brings complete and comprehensive security to financial organisations that allows them to be complaint and operate safely. CyVolve instals it Data Management Operating System (CyOS™) at the kernel level on-premise and/or the browser for cloud application usage. Based on your architecture, we will determine your immediate needs (i.e. email, data sets, applications etc.) to promptly classify and secure your data.

The environment many financial services companies find themselves in is a mixed bag, made up of diverse systems that host vast amounts of customer records, account numbers, financials, and more. CyVolve CyOS™ is platform-agnostic, meaning it is able to secure any of your data across multiple environments, platforms, and systems.

Even if your physical perimeter is breached and data is retrieved by the hackers (internal or external), the data is 100% encrypted and only accessible with the data owner’s keys. Your data is safe from external hackers. But its usage is also tightly monitored internally, to ensure proper practises and accountability.

Feedback User Behaviour to Manage Access Rights

Revoke access rights across all files, wherever they are stored to ensure persistent data control

The Behavioural Analytics Module monitors data usage in real-time and feeds this back to the Identity Management Module (IDMM). The IDMM uses that information as yet another token of identity analysis and can be configured for alerting and risk-mitigation. All the above authentication methods are ‘passive’ tokens, but we also have an ‘active’ token which is the learning feedback loop. So we’re not only tracking “something you have, something you know and something you are”, we’re also tracking how the user is behaving.

The Results

CyVolve protects your reputation by securing data both internally and externally. Financial service clients can now move their data to the cloud and have full assurance of end-to-end risk mitigation. CyVolve meets all GDPR compliance guidelines. There is no change management initiative needed as your workflows are not impacted, and minimal training is required for your employees. Your leadership team will have the business intelligence at their fingertips for the data usage by user and system. Finally, a solution that truly mitigates your risk!

Don’t get boxed in with your cyber security

Our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides; for complete control of their data across domains.