The challenges

The education sector is not immune to the cyber security threats and challenges all organisations face in this day and age. Cybercriminals try to extort, hack and profit anywhere they can. If you think you’re the exception, that’s when you are really in trouble.

Financial threats

Malware and ransomware attacks are not only damaging to operations and finances but can hamper the reputation of an educational institution.

Virtual learning

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the trend towards virtual learning, but it is likely that post pandemic, the new methods will have an increased role in education.

Student privacy

Properly protecting the privacy and data of students is one of the biggest cyber security challenges educational institutions face.

The Solution

No two organisations are the same, so we start with an assessment of your business architecture by CyVolve’s team of experts. We determine your immediate needs (email, data sets, applications, etc.) to promptly secure your data. This will allow for a more comprehensive installation of CyVolve’s Data Management Operating System (CyOS) at the kernel level on-premise as well as in browser for cloud application usage.

One of our most popular solutions is to apply a plug-in we’ve developed for Google Sheets, allowing you to secure your data down to the cell level. Your data is secured based on your ownership and even the company hosting the application cannot access it.

All your data and operations can receive the highest protection through encryption, AI monitoring and strong identity management with CyVolve.

CyOS system

CyVolve reverses the traditional model of Network and Operating System security

CyVolve puts all of the security around the data at file level. By securing the data at this level, CyVolve is able to provide pervasive and persistent data security wherever that data goes, even across domain boundaries – whilst maintaining full control of who is able to access the data.

The graphic demonstrates what happens when the CyVolve Ecosystem is deployed. Even if intruders were to breach the network defences, the data would be useless as it remains fully encrypted even at rest.

The Results

CyVolve protects your faculty and students by securing data both internally and externally. We have installed CyOS within school administrations to protect all data being used in Google Sheets. We developed a plug-in that can protect your data at the cell level. There is no change management initiative needed as your workflows are not impacted, and no training is required for your faculty or administrators.

Your leadership team will have the business intelligence at their fingertips for the data usage by user and system. Allowing you to monitor correct usage at all times, and quickly identity threats. We bring you a solution that mitigates the risks educational institutions face.

Don’t get boxed in with your cyber security

Our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides; for complete control of their data across domains.