G-Suite Security Add-On

CyVolve encryption add-on allows users to encrypt personal identifiable information

Cloud services add an extra layer of complexity to the security model, moving data outside of the boundaries and control of the corporate network. Under privacy laws such as GDPR it can become almost impossible to hold certain data in a Google service under their end user license agreements.

Active Directory

Full integration into Active Directory single sign on with G Suite ensures no change to workflow and provides single point revocation.


Implemented as a G Suite plugin and server backend which can be hosted on the corporate network securing keys and audit trails locally.

AD Users Only

Only AD users authenticated on the corporate network can access the secure data, removing malicious access to the Google cloud through a stolen identity.

Secure Cloud Data

G Suite plugin ensures that secured data never leaves the corporate network in a decryptable form

By removing the possibility of the sensitive data being accessible, the company retains complete control over the data with full tamper proof audit which can be used in evidence if a breach ever occurs.

Security Add-On

CyVolve encryption add-on allows users to encrypt personal identifiable information via a side bar

The CyVolve Security Add-On is a component to secure Google Sheets. Users can choose to encrypt columns containing personal identifiable information using the add-on. Users can work with the encrypted data from a full screen secure editor window where it will be encrypted locally before being saved to Google storage.

Features of G-Suite Security

Protecting Data in the Cloud with Google Sheets Security Add-On

As privacy laws are toughened up worldwide the responsibility of handling data comes with much greater scrutiny and penalties when things go wrong. Organizations are finding that they are gradually being pushed into a space that requires much more governance and compliance.

To mitigate the risks these organizations require more substantial auditing so the visibility of the handling and storage of data is available.

Restrict Access to Users Authorised to View Data

When G Suite is tied to an Active Directory domain, granular access can be granted based on the classification of data. When CyVolve is protecting the cells, access to data excludes sensitive information they do not have the clearance to view, vastly improving work flow.

All secure data can be classified on a cell, row and column level

Data classification underpins the governance, risk and compliance requirements of data protection laws. Without high quality classification of data, it becomes almost impossible for organizations to know if they remain compliant.

Single Point Revocation to Ensure Access is Removed

It is not enough to revoke access only in AD to lock out a user, as access can still be gained directly via the app. With CyVolve protecting the sheets, then revocation of access in Active Directory automatically removes access rights from all protected cells, considerably enhancing security.

Retain Complete Control Over Data and Its Use

All data entered into Google Sheets can be accessed by Google, data center staff and third parties hired by the data center and Google. CyVolve provides a zero-knowledge capability that can be applied to cells, rows and columns so that Google and their affiliates have no visibility at all.

Improve Work Flow with Granular User Permissions

Without cell by cell security and classification of data within a spreadsheet then all data is treated the same. CyVolve provides full granular security on a cell, row and column level providing true zero knowledge and tamper proof audit.

Full and Granular Tamper-Proof Audit Trail for Compliance

Cloud platforms have minimal change history recorded for auditing requirements. Adding granular security and tamper-proof audits to spreadsheets at a cell level makes spreadsheets fit for purpose for this role and adhere to the highly compliance driven privacy laws.

Secure Keys Locally to Prevent Access by Third Party Users

Ownership rights and use of the data is defined by the Google end user license agreement and provides for quite broad powers for Google. With CyVolve, third parties only have access to the encrypted form of the data and no access to the keys, as keys never leave the corporate network.

Data never leaves the corporate network in a decryptable form

Without protection, data moves through the cloud and is transmitted to the cloud in plain text form. With CyVolve, data in protected cells is only ever visible in the web browser and is always encrypted before transmission to the Google cloud.

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