The essence of total data security is to own and control your own encryption keys

CyVolve ensures “Zero-Knowledge” privacy by enforcing this through the unique architecture of the system. No one, without your express permission can access or view your information including CyVolve staff, or anyone with access to your private or public network.

No matter where your data is sent to, who your data sharing partners are, or what their level of data security is, all files shared through CyOS™ maintain their encryption and security no matter where they’re stored or accessed.


Keys Under User Control at ALL times

Our whole system is built entirely on the premise that you, and only you, have the keys to your data.


Advanced Encryption Protocols

Every secured data resource has a unique encryption key, and is encrypted using advanced cryptography protocols.


Separate Key Transportation

Even if data is encrypted during transit or storage, many data security companies store your encryption keys with your data.


Zero-Knowledge Data Centers

No one, without your express permission can access or view your information including staff or network administrators.

Data can never be considered secure if many people have access to your keys

CyOS Platform

Control Data Security, Access & Audit At Every Level with Master Key Technology

For the first time, CyVolve introduces a true “Zero-Knowledge” system. Only the data owners or data managers have access to the data. All system administrators and vendors can manage the infrastructure but no longer have access to the data itself. That includes CyVolve; it is mathematically verifiable that at no point can CyVolve gain access to the client’s data.

Key Functions & Descriptions

Any data that the client puts into their own domain, somebody else’s domain, or the cloud, remains encrypted at rest, in transit and on the endpoint.

Client-Side Encryption Before Transmission

This means our server has “Zero-Knowledge” of what your data is, as it is always encrypted on your device before it comes to us. We never store or have access to plain text data, ensuring total privacy and confidentiality. CyOS ensures total data security by performing Client-Side Data Encryption and Decryption along with User Authentication.

Each File is Individually Encrypted for Full Control

Each encrypted file is in essence its own file system, with its own permissions and security. These files will always remain impenetrable unless you have expressly granted permission. Using this type of encryption ensures that if one key is compromised, then only that single resource that was encrypted with it will be compromised.

Encryption Key Resides With User and Not Data

Unless you are the only one holding the keys to your data, encryption is meaningless. Our whole system is built entirely on the premise that you, and only you, have the keys to your data. Since your keys are never transmitted to CyVolve in their original form, this means that not even we can access or view your data.

What is PKI and how can we use it?

PKI (public key infrastructure) is the framework of encryption most famous for protecting communications between a website and its users. It is a strong principle to work from and allows for strong and versatile encryption solutions. It is likely being used one way or another to protect the data of your organization. But how can it be elevated to the next level?

How does PKI work?

PKI is what delivers encryption. Public and private keys work in tandem to verify user’s identities and allow them access to assets if they have the right digital certificates. Everyone can access the public key, but the private key is only known to the key holder.

PKIs can also be used with an identity management system to secure internal data access and communications. The strength of such systems relies on the strength and security of the private keys.

Unique end-point encryption that delivers true zero-knowledge security

CyVolve takes PKI to a new level. Using patented technology, CyVolve has created its own unique architecture called CyOS (Data Management Operating System) which combines multi-factor Identity Management, super secure hierarchical public key management, and fractional and hierarchical private key management.

To have total data security, you need to own and control your own encryption keys

True “Zero-Knowledge” security means that only you and those you wish to share data with can ever access your data. The unique private keys are entirely owned by the user with full control over data access. CyVolve has no access to them. They’re yours alone and therefore ensures only you and those you choose can ever access your data.

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™