Key Features

CyOS™ artificial intelligence works to constantly educate itself on the habits of users

“Monitor, Learn, React” is the basis of how CyOS’s artificial intelligence works to constantly educate itself on the habits of users within a system in order to discern when unusual activity takes place and take appropriate action either through alerting administrators or taking direct action in ending the potential data breech. Insider threats are also significantly reduced by monitoring and restricting user access.


Create Customized Guidelines


Automatic Alerts for Misuses or Unusual Behavior


Fully Automated with No Human Intervention


Set Limits to Automatically Protect Data

CyOS ‘learns’ system wide behavior patterns and can be configured for alerting and risk-mitigation

CyOS Platform

The Behavioural Analytics Module Monitors Data Usage in Real-Time

At the heart of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a learning machine that can ‘intelligently’ derive actions from feedback gained from past histories of successes or failures. When detecting an anomaly, AI can investigate the access pattern directly, just like human intervention would.

Key Functions & Descriptions

In addition to learning, a baseline of acceptable (or non-acceptable) behaviors can be programmed into CyOS in advance. This provides a “best of both worlds” approach that allows our clients to dramatically benefit from an improved security stance literally from day 1.


CyOS actually learns a user’s behavior pattern and notices if a user is accessing or using files in an uncharacteristic way.


CyOS monitors user behavior, creating guidelines that can be fine-tuned based on activity by job role, calendar events, etc.


Alerts are immediately sent if CyOS detects unusual activity. Overrides and circumvention are impossible.


System responses can be fully automated with no requirement for human intervention. CyOS is able to scramble a user’s keys, revoke access and shut the account down.

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™