Key Features

CyVolve provides a single point to revoke access rights across all files, wherever they are stored

CyOS™ maintains constant and persistent control over access to all data and over permissions granted to view data, with the ability to not only grant or revoke access at any time, but grant or restrict access to specific parts of a document or data file.

Wherever data is stored, in the cloud, on laptops, a USB drive, a backup disc or someone else’s computer, only you, and those you authorise, can view the contents of those files, while also controlling any users’ ability to variously edit a file, share it with others, or save it themselves.


Quickly Grant / Revoke Access


Granular Encryption Over Each Piece of Data


Always Know Who Has Access


Apply Appropriate Access Levels and Functions to Users

Usernames and passwords are no longer sufficient protection against cyber attacks

CyOS Platform

Eliminate the risk of simple password protected resources by using combinations of tokens

CyVolve uses dozens of factors to control security to ensure persistent data control. In addition to the usual tokens for MAC, IP, Login, etc., CyOS can include any systems the client is using such as Federated ID, Two-factor authentication, Biometrics, rotating codes and more. CyOS will give you complete peace of mind since it will provide you with a level of unmatched security that makes the traditional methods of securing a file system almost irrelevant.

Feedback User Behaviour to Manage Access Rights

The Behavioural Analytics Module monitors data usage in real-time and feeds this back to the Identity Management Module (IDMM). The IDMM uses that information as yet another token of identity analysis and can be configured for alerting and risk-mitigation. In addition to the standard authentication methods known as ‘passive’ tokens, we also have an ‘active’ token which is the learning feedback loop. So we’re not only tracking “something you have, something you know and something you are”, we’re also tracking how the user is behaving.

Key Functions & Descriptions

Our system ensures that the person accessing the data is who they say they are, even if their username and password are stolen. This is due to our multi-dimensional approach to managing access control permissions that incorporate dozens of authentication tokens to provide pervasive data security.

Only User Can Grant or Revoke Data Access

Because the encryption keys stay with the user, we truly offer “Zero-Knowledge” privacy. Since we never have access to your keys, your data is never at risk of being unlocked, stolen or misused, either by internal or external attacks.

Each File is Individually Encrypted for Full Control

Each encrypted file is in essence its own file system, with its own permissions and security. These files will always remain impenetrable unless you have expressly granted permission.

Quickly Disable User Access Across All Devices & Networks

If there are signs of malicious intent, we offer a kill button that will immediately revoke user access to the system. This way you don’t have to worry about an employee going rogue and misusing your valuable data.

“The Key” is the Key to Success

While other systems use a simple 2-key encryption system, our patented, proprietary fractional key structure is made up of multiple sub-components.

These sub-components allow for digital “master” keys at different organisational & governance levels and provide previously unseen levels of data access control and transparency.

A CyOS™ key can carry more than 100 times the information associated with the current norm for encryption keys, much like how a QR code can hold 100 times more data than a bar code.

Control Access at Every Level

At every level, the CyOS key acts as the master key for the level beneath it. Keys are inheritable, so as staff are added or removed, CyOS automatically maintains the appropriate access for those members.

Keys can be split across multiple members and can be stored offline, offsite (in secure storage like a flash drive) or even written down. Users cannot ever deliberately or accidentally lock your company out of its own data.

Any Key Can Create a Hierarchy

Any key can be used to create a new hierarchy, in parallel or in serial, indefinitely or temporarily.

That hierarchy can remain on the owner’s network or can be sent downstream to other clients & partners.

With CyOS, all data has an owner. That owner can be a company, a department, or an individual, and ownership rights can be shared or given to others.

The data owner creates all access rules and receives all audit information concerning the data access. Data access can be revoked manually or automatically.

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™