Key Features

CyOS™ guarantees constant data encryption, leaving you always in control of your data

CyVolve has created a unique, sophisticated, and patented keying algorithm that provides tremendous control over data. Where other products protect the network, CyOS protects the data at the data level. Therefore, CyOS makes all network, cloud, and IoT infrastructures a commodity, as all data created, stored, or shared through CyOS is constantly and securely encrypted at rest and only accessible when permission has been granted.


Separate Key Transportation


Total Control at All Times Over All User Keys


Zero-Knowledge Data Centers


Advanced Data Encryption Protocols


Standardized on AES & RSA, While Still Compatible With All Security Protocols & Systems

The traditional model of data security relies on the Network and Operating Systems

CyOS Platform

CyVolve reverses the traditional model of Network and Operating System security

CyVolve puts all of the security around the data at file level. By securing the data at this level, CyVolve is able to provide pervasive and persistent data security wherever that data goes, even across domain boundaries – whilst maintaining full control of who is able to access the data.

The graphic demonstrates what happens when the CyVolve Ecosystem is deployed. Even if intruders were to breach the network defences, the data would be useless as it remains fully encrypted even at rest.

Key Functions & Descriptions

Running across all platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple IOS, Linux, and Android, CyOS ensures total data security by performing Client-Side Data Encryption and Decryption along with User Authentication.

Client-Side Encryption Before Transmission

This means our server has “Zero-Knowledge” of what your data is, as it is always encrypted on your device before it comes to us. We never store or have access to plain text data, ensuring total privacy and confidentiality.

Total Data Encryption Individually by File

Every secured data resource, whether it is files or messages, has a unique encryption key, and is encrypted using advanced cryptography protocols. Using this type of encryption ensures that if one key is compromised, then only that single resource that was encrypted with it will be compromised.

Encryption Key Resides With User and Not Data

Unless you are the only one holding the keys to your data, encryption is useless. CyOS is built entirely on the premise that only you have the keys to your data.

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™