CyOS™ Data Management Operating System

CyOS™ guarantees constant data encryption, leaving you always in control of your data and its permissions, no matter where the file is or who is in possession of it. Our evolved AI algorithms and data analytics ensure that unusual activity is detected, monitored, and primed for action if necessary, leaving no room for intruders to take advantage when no one is watching, because CyOS™ is always watching.

CyOS™ is
Data Security-Centric

CyOS™ is a pervasive and intelligent data security solution. While traditional approaches first build functionality, with security added as an afterthought, CyOS™ is data security-centric, with any type of functionality layered in afterwards, guaranteeing the security of CyOS™ as core to its purpose.

CyOS™ is
Platform Agnostic

The flexibility of CyOS™ means it is platform agnostic and applicable across multiple domains and technology, from legacy systems to IoT. With security at its core, CyOS™ is able to guarantee the protection of your data at all times, even when it traverses unsecure networks, such as partners or customers.

CyOS™ is
Artificial Intelligence

With its AI threat response system and intelligent key management, CyOS™ is able to provide total and persistent control over all your data and access to it, not just through regulating permission and access to files as a whole, but even regulating access to specific parts of documents.

CyOS™ unites artificial intelligence with pervasive encryption and total data control to usher in the next generation of cybersecurity

Providing a Unified Security Platform

Security against today’s threats with tomorrow’s technology

CyVolve has created a unique form of cybersecurity that centralizes data control across disparate platforms and domains, for a Unified Security Platform that provides superior data control, leading to superior cybersecurity and auditing.

Four Pillars of CyOS Security

Proprietary combination of technologies enables true cross-domain security

No matter where your data is sent to, who your data sharing partners are, or what their level of data security is, all files shared through CyOS maintain their encryption and security no matter where they’re stored or accessed, with access control always lying with your CyOS administrator.


Control Data Security, Access & Audit At Every Level with Master Key Technology

For the first time, CyVolve introduces a true “ZERO-KNOWLEDGE” system. Only the data owners or data managers have access to the data. All system administrators and vendors can manage the infrastructure but no longer have access to the data itself. That includes CyVolve!

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™