TyneHealth in partnership with CyVolve are offering the first 60 days free of charge for all NHS organizations so users can get up and running quickly.

Peace of mind knowing you are in control of sharing confidential information

In these unprecedented times of remote working, CyVolve’s Sentinel software has quickly become essential to the running of health departments, bringing together communication and enabling collaboration quickly and efficiently within the NHS, suppliers and other parties.

Always Protected

Our system puts users in control of who, what, where and when data is shared, allowing information to be securely sent to the recipient whether internal or external.

When You Need It

Access your files whether you are on the road, working from home, in the hospital or anywhere with an internet connection.

Using Any Online Device

With everything in the cloud, access your files with any device knowing your information is secure and available when you need it most.


“During these unprecedented times when our team is under pressure, and our need to adopt a flexible and agile response has been essential, this solution has enabled us to ensure the secure sharing of confidential information and large data files. It has assisted TyneHealth greatly to improve the efficiency and speed at which we have been able to respond to this crisis.

– Paul Stanley, Acting CEO at TyneHealth

NHS Use Cases

CyVolve helps overcome one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare when sharing identifiable patient data, and other sensitive and non-sensitive data between themselves and other providers in order to deliver services and collaborate effectively and securely.

Collaborate With Other Departments & Facilities

Provide secured shared working between hospitals, care homes and yourselves in a facility set up to respond to the Covid-19 crisis.

Securely Share Sensitive Patient Data

Share confidential patient data between colleagues, other departments or the patient themselves, whilst keeping it secure at all times and shared only with the right people.

Communicate With Internal & External Teams

Provide a secure way of working in collaboration with staff from different organizations both in and outside the NHS to provide a multi-disciplinary team working in the community.

Store, Share & Update Important Documents

When distribution of important information is critical, access to a secure and central file system ensures users get the right information at the right time – no more lost emails or out-of-date information.

CyVolve is NHS approved so you’re safe to use it without any concerns

Why Choose CyVolve

Use CyVolve without any need to reach out for IT support as sharing is quick & simple, with access to it audited at all times. The extensive auditing and tracking technology within CyVolve is fully NHS certified and compliant with EU GDPR regulations.

How does CyVolve compare…


Other Providers

Are you sure that only you can access your data wherever it is stored?

Many “trusted” platforms offer security for your data when it is stored. However, this security is left at the front door and no longer protects your data at rest – wherever this may be. CyVolve mathematically guarantees that your data will always be protected and does not rely on perimeter protection, as the security is part of the data itself and can only ever be decrypted by the user.

Can you confidently control who can access your files at any time?

Each encrypted file is in essence its own file system, with its own permissions and security. These files will always remain impenetrable unless you have expressly granted permission to another person to specifically view that file.

Do your staff need to engage with IT support when they need to share something new?

The user has the power to seamlessly manage users and data without having to rely on IT staff. CyVolve makes collaborating with multiple parties outside the organization as simple and secure as collaborating with those inside the organization.

Are you confident information being sent complies with GDPR?

CyVolve delivers a tamper-proof audit for all activity on the system. As a direct result of the security, all data within the CyVolve ecosystem will be inherently compliant with any regulator standards.

Are you able to see what has happened with the information that has been shared?

CyVolve’s intuitive data reporting interface provides a tamper-proof audit trail to quickly view how each user is accessing and utilizing files, including external users who have access.

Control at ALL times – right people, right place, right time

CyVolve provides complete control over who, what and where information is shared:

Secure login to browser-based application - no downloads required!

Easily add users and set permission levels without IT involvement

Change permissions, set expiry times or completely remove access altogether

File/Folder Classifications automatically restrict who can gain access

See who has accessed what and when with full file auditing & tracking

Don’t get stuck sharing important & timely information, securely

Start sharing contracts and other key information securely to enable collaboration and partnership working.