Despite increased spending on cybersecurity products, cybercrime has grown at an astounding Compound Annual Growth Rate of 60%.

CSIS estimates that the global cost of cybercrime may be as much as $600 billion per year. (Source: CSIS)

Globally, cybercrime was the 2nd most reported crime in 2016. (Source: PWC)

At 91.6 percent, “Theft of Data” continues to be the chief cause of data breaches. (Source: Symantec)


Notes: 1Data represents breaches over 2M records. 2While this breach may not have included so many records, it is notable due to its wide-ranging hack of potentially every piece of  data held by Sony. Source: (September 2015)

The Reasons

Standalone products that perform limited functions yet require significant manualtalent/expertise to install and properly manage. With a worldwide shortage of over 2 million cybersecurity specialists, this is a problem.  (Source: Forbes)

Therefore security ‘Sprawl’ is not Sustainable – ‘more products’ is not the answer.  What’s needed is a new paradigm and higher quality solutions that include significant automation and behavioural analytics. (Source: Morgan Stanley)

In essence, today’s solutions are:

  • Far too complex, requiring significant training and expertise to operate properly
  • Too diverse, with multiple products fighting for the same market space yet not able to easily share intelligence with other products
  • Confusing, with a myriad of different features and functions and no standards against which to compare to each other
  • Overpopulated with technical jargon, many times using the exact same descriptions for products that have drastically different functions
  • Literally, more of the same…

A New Approach is Needed…

CyVolve provides a highly disruptive and scalable technology that resolves many of today’s current cybersecurity problems, and various unmet market needs.

A highly scalable and entirely new approach to data control and security – individually keyed encryption of all data at all times that’s fully automated, highly granular and transparent to the user.

Data Management Operating System (DMOS) – our revolutionary data security ecosystem provides Enterprise and Government clients with the ability to protect their data wherever it travels or resides.

Clients have complete control and management of their data across domains, while securely migrating to the Cloud, across mobile or IoT, and reducing IT costs.

Government and Enterprise have full visibility, control, reporting and a clear understanding of all their data assets and cybersecurity risk.

Lightweight and easily integrated while remaining transparent to the end user, requiring no training for normal users nor any changes to workflow.  CyVolve can be implemented as an endpoint solution on computers, integrated into other existing systems, or directly into hardware for IoT support.

Supports legacy systems and has been tested on Windows XP in real-world environments.

CyVolve’s Key Differentiator…


Why Choose CyVolve…

The market is ready – CyVolve has the technology, the management team,the customers, and the expertise. The competition is far behind.

  1. CyVolve secures equally against internal & external threats
  2. Provides persistent, consistent, security & control
    across domains, technologies, Cloud
  3. Little-to-no impact on both endpoint & network
  4. No user training or workflow impact
  5. Unprecedented data movement reporting
    across both users & systems
  6. Dramatically & proactively reduces attack /
    vulnerability surface
  7. Simple policy configuration creates a granular security matrix; automatically adjusting for users on network vs. off network; normal hours vs. after hours, etc.