Modern day business is confusing and can get messy when it comes to data and cyber security. Just collaborating within your own organisation can require files to be shared across disparate domains and services. The huge amount of data and information we have at our fingertips empowers businesses to improve workflow and profits.

That increase in data comes with a trade-off. Security is far harder to control in today’s world. When you add in collaborative efforts with those outside your own organisations and owned domains, the picture becomes even more complicated. You need a solution that is adapted for the modern way of working, that delivers security in the new digital age.

The traditional method

The old way of doing cyber security is still too prominent. Typical data security relies on the defence of the network and domain. Firewalls, malware protection and intrusion detection all try and protect the domain. It’s all about stopping hackers getting into the domain and accessing your files and data. But when data leaves the domain, it leaves its security behind too. And as soon as the domain is cracked, all the data is at risk.

You can build the walls around your data higher and higher, but this method is fundamentally at odds with the way businesses that are successful operate these days. You don’t want your data to be isolated, stored in ways that don’t allow for safe and secure collaboration within the company and with partners and other external parties.

CyVolve’s Approach

CyVolve’s approach to cyber security is different. It gives each piece of data the highest level of encryption protection. Rather than one high wall to protect the entire domain, CyVolve protects the data at the data level.

We make all network, cloud, and IoT infrastructures a commodity, as all data created, stored, or shared through CyOS is constantly and securely encrypted at rest and only accessible when permission has been granted.

With the traditional method, your control when collaborating with other is limited. But with CyVolve’s data level approach, security travels with the data and keeps it protected at all times.

Zero-Knowledge System

Key to CyVolve is its “Zero-Knowledge” capabilities. Only the data owners have access to your data. No one, without your express permission can access or view your information, including staff or network administrators.

It is mathematically verifiable that at no point can CyVolve gain access to our client’s data. Our system is about truly giving organisation complete control of their data. You use our solution, but we have no access to your data at any point. CyVolve does not store or have access to plain text data, ensuring total privacy and confidentiality.

Client-Side Data Encryption is an important component of our “Zero-Knowledge” guarantee. It means our server has “Zero-Knowledge” of what your data is, as it is always encrypted on your device before it comes to us. Any data that the client puts into their own domain, somebody else’s domain, a cloud etc. remains encrypted at rest, in transit and on the endpoint.

Running across all platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple IOS, Linux, and Android, CyVolve ensures total data cyber security by performing Client-Side Data Encryption and Decryption along with User Authentication.

Returning complete control to you

The security of your data is secured with CyVovle because we truly put you back in control of every aspect of your data. Every piece of data is protected with unique advanced cryptography protocols. Only you ever have access to the keys to your data. Keys are transported separately, and not stored with the data, ensuring their protection. And no one can access or view your information without your express permission.

To put it in simple terms, no matter where your data is, across domains, across computers, across services, CyVolve provides a way to ensure your high levels of security always travel with it. You can collaborate, work flexibly and improve efficiencies, all safe in the knowledge your cyber security is not at risk. Your security travels with your data at all times when you use the CyVolve solution. No matter how complicated your organisation’s work gets, CyVolve lets you keep its security and protection simple.