Cyber security is a confusing and messy world. Every day, the threats facing your organisation are changing. You can’t control the tactics hackers use or the targets they go for. Cyber security and its threats are an evolving landscape that will always somewhat be outside of your control. The one thing you can control is your security ecosystem.

You can’t know what is going on at all times in the wider cyber security world, but with CyVolve’s approach to security, you can make sure you know exactly what is going on inside your organisation at all times. With audit and tracking capabilities, you can gain mastery of every file and every user in your system. Everything is tracked, evaluated and considered, so no stone goes unturned, and no nasty surprises afflict your organisation.

Encryption and Identity Management

CyVolve can deliver a comprehensive audit and tracking solution to organisations because of the structure and approach it takes to cyber security. Instead of building one big wall around your entire network, we defend every bit of data individually. The advantage of this, is every piece of data gets its own unique protection. And unlike a traditional firewall method, it prevents one successful hack compromising all an organisation’s data. You can know the exact security of every single piece of data on an individual basis at all times.

This is combined with a stringent identity management system. Using multi-factor authentication, ensures those logged into your system are exactly who they say they are. You always know the exact state of all your data, and you know who is accessing it.

Audit and tracking system

It’s the combination of encryption and identity management that allows CyVolve to implement a comprehensive audit and tracking module. All compliance, usage and non-usage (we track negatives by default) reports fall out of the audit module automatically. It is a tamper-proof audit trail to quickly view how each member of your organisation is accessing and utilising files, including external users who have access. You can find out exactly what people are doing with the data or see who is not doing anything with it when they should be.

Our simple-to-use console gives you the ability to easily see the status of all files. You can see who made the last changes, who is working on it right now, and the entire history of the document.

AI Behavioural Learning

CyOS artificial intelligence works to constantly educate itself on the habits of users within a system in order to discern when unusual activity takes place. If a user starts trying to access files it does not have the access rights to, the AI will detect that immediately. If a user tries to download every document or the same one 100s of times, the system will detect that too. Unusual devices, odd locations, anything that raises any slight concerns, will not get past the AI user behaviour analytics.

CyOS takes appropriate action either through alerting administrators or taking direct action in ending the potential data breech. Direct action revokes all access if there is sufficient reason to believe the account has been compromised.

Find out here the difference CyVolve solutions can make to your organisation.

Find out here the difference CyVolve solutions can make to your organisation.