CyOS™ Data Management Operating System

CyOS™ guarantees constant data encryption, leaving you always in control of your data and its permissions, no matter where the file is or who is in possession of it. Our evolved AI algorithms and data analytics ensure that unusual activity is detected, monitored, and primed for action if necessary, leaving no room for intruders to take advantage when no one is watching, because CyOS™ is always watching.

CyOS™ is
Data Security-Centric

CyOS™ is a pervasive and intelligent data security solution. While traditional approaches first build functionality, with security added as an afterthought, CyOS™ is data security-centric, with any type of functionality layered in afterwards, guaranteeing the security of CyOS™ as core to its purpose.

CyOS™ is
Platform Agnostic

The flexibility of CyOS™ means it is platform agnostic and applicable across multiple domains and technology, from legacy systems to IoT. With security at its core, CyOS™ is able to guarantee the protection of your data at all times, even when it traverses unsecure networks, such as partners or customers.

CyOS™ is
Artificial Intelligence

With its AI threat response system and intelligent key management, CyOS™ is able to provide total and persistent control over all your data and access to it, not just through regulating permission and access to data as a whole, but even regulating access to specific fields or elements of the data.

What Does CyOS™ Provide

CyOS™ unites artificial intelligence with pervasive encryption and total data control to usher in the next generation of cybersecurity

CyVolve provides a highly disruptive and scalable technology that resolves many of today’s current cybersecurity problems, and various unmet market needs.

Malware (spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms)

Man-in-the-middle Attacks

Zero-day Exploits

As a direct result of the security, auditability and controllability of all data within CyOS ecosystem across multiple disparate networks and cloud systems, all client data will be inherently compliant.

All protected data meets over 2300 individual NIST, ISO and FedRAMP controls

Revitalize existing products and systems to meet compliance standards

Predefined, compliant data spaces by vertical and region

Data backup & recovery provides comprehensive disaster recovery, business continuity, backups and version control, so data loss will no longer be a source of concern for you or your business.

Roll-back without overwriting current file version

Data is securely backed up & archived

Recover deleted files easily, monitor changes & file status

Once the initial catalog is created, ongoing management is inherent in the CyOS function as data can be categorized in multiple dimensions including content, location, creator, date of creation, last date of edit, last read, and time destruction based on legal requirements.

Locate, catalog and categorize sensitive unknown data

Certified data destruction

Data can be categorized in multiple dimensions

The CyVolve solution is now the only patented solution that provides serialized encryption for data packets for all IoT solutions. This ensures that CyVolve will smoothly protect ALL data as it transitions from network to cloud to IoT to mobile.

Secured with CyVolve Active Trust Technology (ATT)

No IT infrastructure changes required

Monitoring to ensure trust and security is maintained

Clients have complete control and management of their data across domains, while securely migrating to the Cloud, across mobile or IoT, and reducing IT costs.

Security that travels with your data

All data movement fully audited and reported back

Secured at all times; in storage, in transit, and on the endpoint

The Four CyVolve Pillars – How We Protect Data

Proprietary Combination of Technologies Enables True Cross-Domain Security

No matter where your data is sent to, who your data sharing partners are, or what their level of data security is, all files shared through CyOS™ maintain their encryption and security no matter where they’re stored or accessed, with access control always lying with your data manager.


CyOS guarantees constant data encryption, leaving you always in control of your data.


CyOS uses dozens of factors to control security, track the user and how they are behaving.

Audit &

CyOS Audit Module is the foundation for the User Behavior Analytics Module.

User Behavior

CyOS artificial intelligence works to constantly educate itself on the habits of users.

Monitor your Data, Secure your Network, Discover and Prevent Threats

Don’t rely on your partner’s cyber security, ensure that all your data is constantly secured and in your control with CyOS™

What Makes CyVolve Different

CyVolve merges four key concepts into a single platform to provide a paradigm shifting solution

Fully transparent to the end-user, no change in workflow, detailed audits ready for advanced compliance requirements, and a high degree of automatic response to various threats and situations.



Security that travels with your data across domains and platforms



Assesses behaviors in real time and automatically stop internal or external threats or attacks


Identity Tokens

IP, MAC, Subnet, Device, Token, Timestamp, Geo-Fencing, etc.



Secure both live and dark data to ensure present and future compliance requirements

CyVolve also enhances, or replaces aspects of the below applications:

Data Loss
Prevention (DLP)


Malware Protection for
Zero-day Threats

User Behavior

Back-up, Versioning
& Data Recovery

Digital Rights
Management (DRM)


Governance, Risk &
Compliance (GRC)