CyVolve is the next great leap forward in data security, ensuring constant encryption and pervasive control over all your data Cyber attacks are evolving, so why shouldn't your security? What is CyOS

Welcome to CyVolve

Security against today’s threats with tomorrow’s technology

CyVolve has created a unique form of cybersecurity that centralizes data control across disparate platforms and domains, for a Unified Security Platform that provides superior data control, leading to superior cybersecurity and auditing.

Using Existing Infrastructure

CyVolve is the only system that repurposes all existing client infrastructure and provides dramatically elevated levels of control and security.

True Cross-Domain Security

CyVolve works across all other platforms; to date, CyVolve has been integrated into networks, applications, databases, legacy systems and hardware components.

Security of The Future

CyVolve isn’t just the evolution of cyber security, it’s constant improvement, it’s continuous learning and adaptation, it’s the future of security

Cyber Security for Next Generation Attacks

CyVolve is the future of cyber security. We provide forward-thinking and constantly improving security solutions for organizations with our patented CyOS system, so that while your data is constantly secured and under their total control, you can focus on the things that really matter for your company.

Because CyVolve is fully certified, CyVolve immediately ensures that all protected data meets over 2300 individual NIST, ISO and FedRAMP controls without additional costs to the organization.


Annual Ransomware Damage Costs by 2019


Increase in Ransomware Attacks in 2019 Q1 vs 2018


Identified Ransomware Variants on Dark Web


Ransomware Attacks on Shadow IT Resources/Data

Our CyOS Platform

Providing a Unified Security Platform

CyVolve’s Data Management Operating System (CyOS) works across all other platforms and can be integrated into Internal Networks, Client Networks (Cloud), Applications, Databases, Legacy Systems, Hardware Components, Point of Sale systems as well as multiple aspects of any network.

CyVolve provides a highly disruptive and scalable technology that resolves many of today’s current cybersecurity problems, and various unmet market needs.

Malware (spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms)

Man-in-the-middle Attacks

Zero-day Exploits

As a direct result of the security, auditability and controllability of all data within CyOS ecosystem across multiple disparate networks and cloud systems, all client data will be inherently compliant.

All protected data meets over 2300 individual NIST, ISO and FedRAMP controls

Revitalize existing products and systems to meet compliance standards

Predefined, compliant data spaces by vertical and region

Data backup & recovery provides comprehensive disaster recovery, business continuity, backups and version control, so data loss will no longer be a source of concern for you or your business.

Roll-back without overwriting current file version

Data is securely backed up & archived

Recover deleted files easily, monitor changes & file status

Once the initial catalog is created, ongoing management is inherent in the CyOS function as data can be categorized in multiple dimensions including content, location, creator, date of creation, last date of edit, last read, and time destruction based on legal requirements.

Locate, catalog and categorize sensitive unknown data

Certified data destruction

Data can be categorized in multiple dimensions

The CyVolve solution is now the only patented solution that provides serialized encryption for data packets for all IoT solutions. This ensures that CyVolve will smoothly protect ALL data as it transitions from network to cloud to IoT to mobile.

Secured with CyVolve Active Trust Technology (ATT)

No IT infrastructure changes required

Monitoring to ensure trust and security is maintained

Clients have complete control and management of their data across domains, while securely migrating to the Cloud, across mobile or IoT, and reducing IT costs.

Security that travels with your data

All data movement fully audited and reported back

Secured at all times; in storage, in transit, and on the endpoint

Secure your data into the future with CyOS

Stay in Control of your Data: Classified, Secured, and Controlled at all times for years to come.

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There are over 70 categories of cybersecurity technology, yet hacking, data theft, ransomware, and reputational damages are skyrocketing.

After so much investment, why is this still the case?

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